Buying Used Elliptical Machines

Buying elliptical machines, either used or refurbished, can be a great way to save some cash. Seek out these deals on sites like eBay, your local Craigslist, or online elliptical resellers like Big Fitness. Consider the reputation of who you are buying from, the quality of the machine to begin with and your risk/savings.

Most likely you will be purchasing a machine that will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty anymore. You will need to feel comfortable buying and replacing parts yourself over time.

Avoid buying a low quality machine used unless the seller can assure you they used it as a clothes hanger for most of its in home use. You don’t want to buy someone else’s junk just as it is about to run out of its short elliptical life. Really, the advantages of buying used elliptical exercise equipment is so you can get a great deal on a quality piece of equipment that is going to stand the test of time no matter who’s home it’s been in.

Craigslist and eBay are probably the easiest way to find used elliptical machines in your local area. Keep in mind they are going to be slim pickins. It is going to be extremely expensive to have an 100-300 lb elliptical machine shipped to your door from winning an eBay auction or Craigslist so it is going to have to be local pickup. is one of your best sources online for buying used and remanufactured elliptical machines. Not only will their specialized technicians inspect the machine before it goes out to you, they offer a 30 day warranty in case something goes wrong. Buying anywhere else is a little more risky unless you can work out an agreement with the seller and trust them!

Here is a list of some of the used elliptical machines should have on hand. Most of these are high end machines that are pretty expensive at retail price because they are mostly found in commercial gyms. You can afford on of these bad boys for your home gym when you consider a used price instead.

Life Fitness 91Xi Elliptical Crosstrainer (Used)

Life Fitness 95Xi Elliptical Crosstrainer (Used)

Life Fitness Elliptical Crosstrainer 9100 Rear Drive Next Generation (Used)

Life Fitness Elliptical Crosstrainer 9500 Rear Drive Next Generation (Used)

LifeFitness Elliptical CrossTrainer 9500 Rear Drive (Used)

Nautilus NE916 Elliptical (Used) Commercial Elliptical

Precor EFX544 Elliptical (Used)

Precor EFX546 Elliptical (USED)

Precor EFX546HR Elliptical (Used)

Precor EFX546HR Elliptical Cordless (USED)

Precor EFX546i HR Elliptical Cordless (USED)

Precor EFX556 Elliptical (Used)

Precor EFX556 HR Elliptical – Cordless (Used)

Precor EFX556i Elliptical Crosstrainer (Used)

Precor EFX576i Elliptical Crosstrainer (Used)

StairMaster 5100 Elliptical (Used)

StarTrac 4630 Natural Runner™ Elliptical (Used)

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